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Immigrant Visas

EB1A: Alien of Extraordinary Ability
EB1B: Outstanding Res/Prof.
EB1C: Multinational Exec/Managers
EB2: National Interest Waiver
Labor Certification Application
EB5: Investors Job Creation

US Working Visas

H1B: Temporary Working Visa
H3: Trainees
O1 and O2
L Visas: Intra Company Tranferees


Study & Research in US
F1: Student Visa
1: JVisiting Students Scholars
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US. SUNLAWFIRM is highly regarded for extraordinary success in representing international scholars, postdoctoral researchers, Ph.D. students, scientists, engineers, business managers, entertainers and many others to apply U.S. Working visa (E2, H1B,H3,O1,L1A,L1B,etc.) and U.S. Permanent Residency (Green Card in EB1A, Eb1B, EB1C, EB2 EB2NIW,) for 18 years. We have successfully represented clients at Harvard University, Yale University, MIT, University of Florida, University of Hawaii, New York University, Stanford University, University of California, California Institute of Technology, the National Institutes of Health, the DoE Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, RAND Corporation, NASA, clients from China, Korea, England, Russian, Spain, and many more...>
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EB5 Alien Investors Green Card applications: As an AILA member, our law firm has been doing research and representing EB5 investors since 1994. Together with the highly-experienced staff in our law firm, we have won all EB5 regional center investors' petitions. Having cross-cultural background and professional training, we represent Chinese EB5 investors efficiently and effectively.  The Immigration Act of 1990 created the employment-based fifth preference, or (EB-5) immigrant investor category. Under the EB-5 provisions, 10,000 visas shall are available each year. The current CIS processing time may help a family to get conditional green card in about 12 months. There is no legal requirements for education and English language proficiency to EB5 investors.  <more>

The Most Important News re EB5  重要新闻

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EB1C is an employment-based immigration petition in the EB1 category for executives or managers transferred from a multinational corporation. There is no labor certification required for this classification. The prospective employer in the United States must furnish a job offer in the form of a statement which indicates that the alien is to be employed in the United States in a managerial or executive capacity.


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