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34 本所众多EB2NIW 申请1个月左右批准
N本所众多EB2NIW 申请1个月左右批准

美国务院最近公布,中国大陆职业移民第二优先2012年1月排期将前进九个半月,2012 年1月新的排期日由12月的2008年3月15日前进至2009年1月1日。

回顾2011年,中国大陆职业移民第二优先排期从1月份的 2006年6月22日,进至2008年3月15日。即12个月时间内前进了将近21个月。





We helped a client whose status would expire in about 15 days receive CIS approvals of EB2NIW in 1 month and 18 days.

Post-doctoral researchers are often too busy to take care of their own immigrant status until it was too late. We recently did a metrical work to save a client from going back to home country due to the expiration of his J1 status.

One of our clients placed his energy entirely on his research until his J1 status would expire for the fifth-year in two months. His initial question to our law firm was if it was possible that we file an EB2NIW application in 60 days. We said yes.

After that, he continued his research in full force until about 15 days before the expiration date of his J1 status. He asked the same question whether or not we could file his case before the same expiration date. This is certainly a major challenge because our law firm will never rush in an EB2NIW application without detailed preparation of our clients’ evidence.

Within the 15 days, our law firm had been working overtime in late evening and weekends to make this client’s EB2NIW well-prepared.

A well-prepared EB2NIW may get fast approval. His case was approved by the Texas Service Center in only 1 month and 18 days!

The following is a brief summary of this successful EB2NIW case.

This client is a postdoctoral research scholar conducting research on the development of an advanced method for wireless communications and bioinformatics at a university in the U.S.

The client earned a Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering in his home country. By the time of filing his case, he has had 20 first-authored and co-authored papers and 15 conference posters, along with more than 60 citations of his work. We argued that his research and contributions will have a large impact on the development of wireless sensor technologies that are of important significance to national security and military application. Particularly, we emphasized that the client’s skills and background in signal processing and its application, computational efficiency, wireless communications/sensor networks are unique and innovative, and serve the national interest.

In support of these assertions, we submitted 6 expert opinion letters and well-prepared documentation of publications, conference abstracts, citations, and others, and the petition was then approved promptly. That is, the client’s EB2NIW applications were field to the CIS Texas Service Center on August 12, 2011. He received the CIS approval notice for I-140 on September 30, 2011. The current processing time for EB2 NIW is about 6 months according to the USCIS Processing Time Information for Texas Service Center (TSC) posted on October 18, 2011. The client’s NIW petition was approved in only 1 month and 18 day after being filed on August 12, 2011, which is four months faster than the TSC’s Current Processing Time. Again, such prompt adjudication of the client’s petition has reflected the advantage of a well-presented EB2NIW by our law firm.

With the expiration date of his status being just around the corner, he had the entire documents ready on the last day prior to the filing of his applications. Fortunately, our efforts to be in constant contact with our client during the process helped him to be more careful not to omit any important documents by the last day of preparation. To help the client with the impending expiration of his legal J-1 status, all members of our staff worked together to quickly send off his applications in just two days with well-prepared documentation. After all, our thorough professional services and preparation helped a research scientist receive his NIW approval in such a short period of time without RFE.

我们律师事务所对于帮助客户选择绿卡申请优化过程有丰富的成功经验。 有兴趣的读者欢迎迅速与我们律师事务所联系。



我们长期以来成功申请EB1A,EB1B, EB2NIW, EB5. 决定以此类职业移民申请绿卡的读者,欢迎与我们律师事务所联系。



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